5 Signs You Know They Are Worth Pursuing Further

You have set up your profile and already you are starting to get messages from desirable men/women but how do you know which ones are the cream of the crop and who is worth pursuing? Here are Mature Love’s 5 signs they are worth getting to know better…

1. They Don’t Start The Conversation With A Poor Chat Up Line
You are already on to a winner if they start the message with a normal conversation. There is nothing more off putting then someone messaging you with ‘are you a magician? Because whenever I look at you, everyone else disappears’. Here at Mature Love we believe that being honest, open and friendly is key, so starting with something like ‘hey, My name is Bob and I really like your profile. How is your day going?’ How much better is that?

2. They Don’t Ask For Your Number Straight Away
There is nothing that says ‘desperate’ more then being asked for your number within the first paragraph of the conversation. What happened to just letting the conversation flow? If they are quite happy just to communicate over message for awhile to get to know you better, then this is a great step towards taking things further.

3. They Ask About Your Hobbies
There is no denying that we all love to talk about ourselves from time to time so when you get asked what your hobbies are, this is a great way to see if there would be any connection. If they have a hobby in water sports but you are petrified of water then you may not be so compatible and you may want to think twice about pursuing the conversation any further. If this doesn’t phase you and you feel like they could actually help you with your fear, then of course, carry on!

4. They Are Willing To Talk On The Phone
Once the conversation has got into a good flow and you are communicating for a good few days/weeks, why not take the plunge and ask for their number and give them a call? In this day and age everything seems to be compromised by a single text message when actually, you can tell a lot about a person just by hearing their voice.

5. They Don’t Ask For Naughty Images!
Here at Mature Love we believe in trying to do things the traditional way, so being asked for….ummm…’naughty’ images within the first few conversations is not acceptable. To us, this would only indicate that they want one thing, not ever lasting love!

Mature Love is always here to give you a helping hand towards finding your true love. We hope you will find this helpful!