5 Thoughts That Go Through Your Head Before The First Date

You have your outfit sorted, you have made sure you are wearing matching socks (just in case!) and then all of a sudden, the nerves kick in and five thoughts go through your head:

1. “What happens if I don’t find them attractive? Do I stick it out or get my friend to call me with an ‘emergency’?
Out of curtesy I would stay. You have both taken time out for this date and what harm could it do to enjoy another human being’s company for a few hours? You don’t have to commit to anything and if you really don’t feel a spark then you can just agree to remain friends.

2. “Will they like what I’m wearing? Maybe I should of worn that other shirt/dress…”
It saddens me to say but yes, it does matter. After all, you only have once to make a first impression. I would advise on wearing something that you feel comfortable in (not your PJs) but that you also enjoy wearing and you feel you look good in. Another good note to take is to make sure that what you wear fits you as you will appear more confident.

3. “Does my breath smell? Should I clean my teeth?”
Personal hygiene goes without saying and a piece of chewing gum while you are waiting for your date will do no harm at all. Of course it all depends how far the evening will go!

4. “Will they look like their profile picture?”
I must admit I have thought this when I was dating. You spend so much time hoping and praying that they are what they appear in their pictures but in reality, you won’t know until you meet them.

5. “Will I be able to understand them?”
This may seem like a silly thought but there are so many different accents and speech inflections, you may not be able to understand them! Just be patient and listen carefully to what they are saying.

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