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Dating Over 50: Tips and Tricks for a Successful Experience

Dating Over 50 Online

If you’re over the age of 50 and ready to date again, it can be intimidating. It’s been a long time since you were last single, and the dating landscape has changed significantly since then. But with the right knowledge and attitude, you can navigate this new dating world with ease. Here are some tips for getting back out there when you’re over 50 years old.

Be Open Minded...

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Break The Ice - Ice-breaker topics to help you through your first date!

The first time meeting someone can be nervous enough, let alone meeting someone that you're attracted to so we’ve tried to help take some of those worries away by giving you some conversation starters for your mature date!

1 - Occupation
Why not find out more about what gets your mature date out of bed in the morning! Find out if he does his job for love or money and whether his...

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Find Love Again - 7 Steps to finding love again after divorce or breakup

Going through divorce or serious relationship breakup is a traumatic experience and shouldn’t be underestimated. It can take much longer to fully recover and get ready for a new relationship than you may actually think.

Online dating is a great way of meeting new people, get back into dating and potentially meet a new life partner, but it’s important to know when you’re actually ready...

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Online Dating Profile - 7 Top Tips to create you winning online dating profile

After choosing your online dating profile pictures, your profile headline and description is your next important step. One you caught the eye of a potential match your profile description is your opportunity to show your personality and share your world.

Here are 7 top tips to create your winning profile and set you apart in the online dating world:

1. ...

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5 Signs You Know They Are Worth Pursuing Further

You have set up your profile and already you are starting to get messages from desirable men/women but how do you know which ones are the cream of the crop and who is worth pursuing? Here are Mature Love’s 5 signs they are worth getting to know better…

1. They Don’t Start The Conversation With A Poor Chat Up Line
You are already on to a winner if they start the message with a...

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The 5 Worst Chat Up Lines To Avoid

No matter how old we are, we have all been on the receiving end of a horrendous chat up line or two. Anything from “did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” to “hey, you look really fun - I had to come talk to you” so here at we have decided to share with you our 5 Worst Chat Up Lines To Avoid:

5. “Do you have heat vision? Because you are burning a hole right through my...

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5 Thoughts That Go Through Your Head Before The First Date

You have your outfit sorted, you have made sure you are wearing matching socks (just in case!) and then all of a sudden, the nerves kick in and five thoughts go through your head:

1. “What happens if I don’t find them attractive? Do I stick it out or get my friend to call me with an ‘emergency’?
Out of curtesy I would stay. You have both taken time out for this...

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Five tips on how to stay sane whilst online dating

As we have mentioned before at Mature Love, going back to dating after a certain amount of time can indeed be a very daunting process but it doesn't have to be. Here are five tips to help you remain calm whilst online dating:

1. Stay Calm
This is just dating, you are not trying to build a rocket ship! If after some time you decide you want to find that special someone and reignite...

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Fun ideas for a memorable first date

Once you've found your first date on Mature Love, you might be feeling a little nervous about getting back onto the dating scene. It might have been a while since you last went on a date, and you will want to really impress that special someone. Here are a few first date ideas that will help you get to know each other, and will make a lasting impression.

Wine tasting

A wine...

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Thank you Mature Love for helping me find my Soul Mate

At the end of April this year I come across your website and decided I had nothing to lose, so I joined up.

Not long after reading the profiles of some lovely women, I came across Janes profile.

As well as finding Jane physically attractive to me, her profile was very much in alignment with my own. She seemed to do and enjoy many things that I also do. I sent a wink off to Jane...

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